Thursday, February 21, 2008

All our exes!

Some one please tell me what joy do exes have in torturing those they love? I am at an all time loss on this one!

ER--the happening place for fun!

Maycie has bilateral ear infections! They are so bad, they have perforated her ear drums. She has been running fever for the last 7 days! I took her to the doctor on Monday, we had to pull lots of strings to get into one. I work with a girl who was married to one in Bryan. I was at work when I got the call, so she called him and made him fit us in. We were prescribed antibiotics, analgesic ear drops and pain meds. We got home and made a sick couch for her. The doctor told her to drink a gallon and a half if she didn't want a needle in her arm. She agreed. Once we got hom she was not drinking and the doctor called to check on her twice, the second time he told us to go to the ER for fluids. We packed up and drove to the ER in Bryan, 45 minutes away. Needless to say, they just told us "yep she has ear infections, nope she's not dehydrated. Y'all can go home now." UGH!!!

The very next day, I get a call from my husband telling me he is on his way to the ER with Jacob. Evidently, he was pitching to his brother and he hit a line drive into his nose. We ended up in the Madisonville ER for a closed reduction x 3 to his nose. We were then sent home with pain meds and an ice pack.

I am now wondering if there are any other ER's in the area that I have not been to and if I need to go just to check them out. Any suggestions?

1. What is his name? Douglas Wayne
2. How long have you been married? hmmm, let's see 6 months and 25 days
3. How long did you date? we met online in Feb or March of 2007. Our first date was Easter weekend and it snowed, married in July of the same year
4. Who eats more sweets? We both love sweets but my sweetie cannot have them--diabetes
5. Who said “I love you“ first? Doug
6. Who is taller? Doug, not by very much at all
7. Who can sing better? Depends on whom you ask
8.Who is smarter? Depends on what we are talking about--to hear him tell it, he is LOL
9. Who does the laundry? yes we both do laundry
10. Who pays the bills? neither of us! lol we usually do it together
11.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me12. Who cooks dinner? We take turns.

12. Who cooks dinner? We take turns.
13. Who drives? Doug, I can't stand it
14. Who is more stubborn? yes
15. Who kissed who first? yes
16. Who asked out who first? He asked me
17. Who proposed? Doug to me on our hill, curious call me
18. Who wears the pants? I let him think he does ;).

OK OK OK Mindi!!! I tag Mandy and Geri and Amanda