Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green Earth

I was introduced to the wonderful website via my sister...........Thanks Minders! I am in LOVE! I have searched, joined, browsed, claimed, exclaimed, wondered, worried and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing group of people and their vision to save the planet, one free thing given away at a time. Go see for I love this site! I am a member of 4 groups, just to see if I can find things that are totally cool. Let me list a few of the things I have claimed.

1) Round pedestal table with four chairs for the new apartment, needs to be refinished but I like that sort of thing

2) several yards of fabric...thanks Da for picking it up for me

3) white sleigh crib for my sister and the soon to be David

4) long dresser for Paula, needs to be refinished but she and I are going to collaborate on that

I am way stoked! I love this group!!! I have told everyone I know about this thing!

Here are some of the more bizarre things I have seen posted....

1) four things of gel, new, unused, just don't use the stuff at my house and one package of dark brown/black just for men hair color, package has been opened but container has not

2) large box of women's hygiene Steve at xxx-xxxx to come claim

There, of course, are other weird things posted but these two stick out in my mind........Wowser!

Go and try it out........see what you think! Leave me the most bizarre things about your neck of the woods! Happy Freecycling!

I will post pics from before and after each project when done!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I cannot, will not, ok, have to believe we are in the year 2009. I remember as a kid, we were all asked to figure out how old we would be in the year 2000. I remember thinking 25 was REAL old. Now y'all know how old I am. :) I will tell you my age for "old" gets older every year.

2009 holds many promises for my family and me. I have decided to get healthier by losing weight this year. Well on my way, 30 pounds down and many more to go.

Here are some of our/my goals.....

1) Redo my kitchen. I want to make my kitchen something I want to cook in. Right now I hate it. It is cramped and not very user friendly.

2) Build a one bedroom apartment on the side of our house. Yeah! I can't wait to decorate a small space

3) Have a HUGE garage sale to clean out and get rid of all the things I haven't used in over 2 years

4) Start painting and decorating my house. I have carte blance, my wonderful husband says

5) pay off some of our bills, we have a plan..........can't wait

6) seriously think about going back to school in the fall

7) lose the rest of my weight, can't wait

8) spend more time with my amazing husband

9) finish all my craft projects

10) chaparone Maycie's first church dance! I refuse to believe my baby will be 14 this year............ugh! I am old! LOL

There are so many things we want to do this year. It's exciting. A whole new year to live and love through!