Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Yeah!

So yeah, O yeah! I love this time of year, I love this season. I am reminded each and every day to be thankful for what I have. I have lots and lots and lots of things to be grateful for! Children, Family, School, Employment, Health, Friends. I love this season, time of year! Right now, I am totally digging life! Doesn't get better than this folks! First semester of school------done! Yeah! O Yeah!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As I sit here today, after doing dishes, by hand I might add and scrubbing the mudroom floor in my hands and knees, I am reminding how thankful I am to be so blessed!! (run on sentence anyone?) Dishes mean I have food in my pantry/fridge and the means to cook it with. While I scrubbed my mud room, I am reminded I have two legs and feet with which to move my body. I am also reminded I have the means to purchase clothing. By purchasing clothing, I am reminded of my children, how thankful I am for them. I am doing homework with B and I am reminded how thankful I am she is able to go to school to learn and how I am able to spend the time with her to help her learn. How thankful I am for school and the opportunity to go to school. Thankful for teachers and the calling they have! I am thankful for my job, I love what I do! I am thankful for the opportunity to work, being able to work, having the knowledge to work. I am thankful for cleaning cause that means I have a house to clean. I love my children, love my family, love my friends!!! I am so, So, SO VERY THANKFUL TODAY!!!

PLUS!! Today was gorgeous and I was off!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Life, or at least something......................

Life, as I know it, has been going pretty well, extremely well. I finished my first course on my BSN track. I managed to only get a B, can you tell I am not really pleased about that? My children are doing fabulously in school, although M spends a little too much time on facebook, don't we all? K has started football, starting QB for the A team, whoo hooo! B is worried he will get hurt, poor thing. And can I just say.................thank you to BDB. You make my life better! Toodle-looo!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am having a bad day. I don't know why, don't care to delve deeper, just am having a bad day. I don't want to go anywhere, do anything, see anyone, talk to friends, talk to family, see a movie, see the sun, nope!! NOTHING!!! I don't want to do/see/hear/feel anything. Don't call/write/text/sky write/whatever. just leave me alone.

let me have my bad day..............................

Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Happenings............

I know, I am horrible, I haven't updated, I have been lazy. I have so much going on, so many things.

First of all, we moved, into a new house, well for us anyway. We now live in Bryan. We love our house. We are slowly changing the wall coverings, from 1970s wallpaper to paint and/or anything else from this century.

Secondly, the kids started new schools. From a 1A to 5A, big shocker! They are doing so much better than they were in N'gee. I am very proud of them!!

Lastly, we are doing great! I mean GREAT!!! Love you all!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I always find it interesting, this blogging thing, a window into someone else's life. The triumphs, heartaches, silliness and struggles. I read everyone's blog that I know, even some of those I don't. The part that I like most about blogging is this, it is extremely personal to me, I have been able to share my issues on life, and while I know this is a public forum, I still can talk about things freely.

Blogging has helped me through my mother's illness and her death, my singleness and not, my children's issues and some other things I am sure to have forgotten.

It makes me realize how close and similar we all are. What struggles the Jackson's are going through, I went through. The fun times the distant Holloway family has, guess what? me too! Blogging makes this world a little smaller for me. I know I am horrible about commenting, I will try and do better. Just know this...........Reading blogs is something I do quite regularly. Just call me Tom, ya know peeking tom.

Off to the orthodontist, Maycie needs an adjustment!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

nitey nite nite

Can't sleep, no dreams, toss and turn, freeze. Help!