Sunday, November 30, 2008

Traveling and work

I work 45 minutes away in Bryan. Now, I know I drive too fast. I just can't seem to get up early enough in the morning to not have to speed. On the way home is when I call all my family and friends. Seriously, if you want, I can call at 6 am when I am on the road! Y'all just holler if you want me too! On the way home, I usually get a phone call somewhere between Bryan and home. There is not a "real" grocery store between those areas and me. There is only a glorified convenience store called Bob's. I constantly get a phone call asking for milk, a gallon in one day is the new record, bread or any assortment of items needed at the house. Did I mention I work until about 7:00 pm? Did I mention they all have my work phone number? Hmmmm.......they do! I pass three grocery stores on my way home out of Bryan. We need more planning!

Tonight on the way home, I stopped to pick up milk. Jacob met me in Normangee dropping off his girlfriend. He states, "Lynnae be careful around Hilltop cause the hogs are out and there are lots of them." Needless to stay, I drove about 40 mph on the way home to avoid any animals. It always scares me, the possibility of hitting any wild things. I did make is safely home! Yeah me!!!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Football, weather and Texas roads

I am very disappointed. Our Friday night ritual has ended this season. I have to say, I am very blessed to be part of my son's football career. He is a wonderful player and I can proudly say, I have only missed one of his games this year! Beat that! We have for the past three weekends traveled at least an hour and half to watch the Normangee Panthers Football team play their hearts out in the playoffs. We have succeeded in beating two teams, Itasca and Evadale. The last game was against Maud Cardinals in Whitehouse, Texas. This little community was over two hours away from us up Hwy 79. The rain was coming down in sheets so we stopped at the Wal-mart in Jacksonville for plastic ponchos. We all came prepared, cow bells, coats, blankets, gloves, hats, stadium seats, etc. The game was uber exciting. We were down 21 to 6 at the half. Our boys, mine included, battled back to 22 to 21 in the third quarter. The fans in the stands were wild with excitement. Our cow bells were ringing with glee. We were gonna "pluck the cardinals"! Needless to say, the Cardinals did overcome the Panthers but we are insanely proud of our players!

As a sidebar, my heart and prayers go out tonight to the Harris and Reyes families. Kylee Harris lost her life on Hwy 79 after a car wreck. Your families will be in my prayers and thoughts.

laughter! how hilarious

My mind somehow wonders what people are up to at any given moment! LOL I received the funniest thing through email today that had me so very tickled I had to share with those around me. Loved it!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, remembering all the things we are each and individually thankful for.

Some of my things are:

My wonderful loving husband

My fabulous kids, all five of them

My glorious job

My home

My family

My mother's influence in my life

My father's great and quirky sense of humor and taking walks with him

My aunt for allowing us to come and invade her home for Thanksgiving

My relationship with my Memema, I feel so very blessed

This list goes on and on!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!