Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I always find it interesting, this blogging thing, a window into someone else's life. The triumphs, heartaches, silliness and struggles. I read everyone's blog that I know, even some of those I don't. The part that I like most about blogging is this, it is extremely personal to me, I have been able to share my issues on life, and while I know this is a public forum, I still can talk about things freely.

Blogging has helped me through my mother's illness and her death, my singleness and not, my children's issues and some other things I am sure to have forgotten.

It makes me realize how close and similar we all are. What struggles the Jackson's are going through, I went through. The fun times the distant Holloway family has, guess what? me too! Blogging makes this world a little smaller for me. I know I am horrible about commenting, I will try and do better. Just know this...........Reading blogs is something I do quite regularly. Just call me Tom, ya know peeking tom.

Off to the orthodontist, Maycie needs an adjustment!!


Carol said...

hey girl!! nice to hear from ya. I haven't checked your blog in a while cause you hadn't updated! Guess I've missed a few. ;)

I should pay more attention to my facebook, than maybe i could keep up on your everyday! don't hold your breath though!

smoore said...

you are hilarious lynnnae. love you and miss yall.