Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It seems to me that all people who have exes have problems. Let's take mine for example. If there is a chance to screw me, he will do it. It doesn't seem to matter how much it will cost or how it will damage kids, he will, does and is going to do it. I only have the majority of these problems with one of my exes. The other is just an ass. Aren't they all?

Let's move onto my husband's ex. She has chosen to not further herself in her career due to child support issues. She would rather not be successful to hurt her children. What she doesn't appear to understand is this, she is not hurting my husband or me, just he two amazing children. Why are people so stupid?

Off to do more laundry, it never ends.

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the ex(thankujesus) said...

Dear stupid(thats right you, not me) "My Boys" have always known I was there for them. My ex is blowing smoke up your ass,but in turn I bet he is getting what he wants. You are so right. He did teach my boys that it is ok for men to be loving and sensitive. "I "had to find the perfect role model to teach them that a "man" took care of his family. In regards to my career, I am right on track. My income is fine. I choose not to worry about finances while I am in school. Thank you Forrest for being my man.
Honestly, I just got tired of working overtime and bailing mr.sensitive out. So, Leighann, blank as a box of rocks,, or whatever you are being addressed as by your peeps, Don't feel sorry for me, I got rid of my problem 5 years ago. And may I add--Off all medication used to deal with "him"