Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amusement......yeah that's it

Last Friday night was supposed to be a date night for my husband and me. We have been married for 4 months and need some time to ourselves. Well, we couldn't find a sitter and my guys were not available. Well we decided to ride into town and take in dinner and a movie. We wanted steak but the wait was like forever, an hour and half. With 4 kids, that was not going to happen. We drove to Casa Ole. A great alternative. I love Mexican food!!!

We then decided to go and "see what was playing". Although several movies were playing, we could not all decide on one. It was at that point that my inner genius rared it's head. "How about we go the the little carnival and ride some of the rides?" I heard myself saying. Off we go.

We bought 5 arms bands. One for me, Maycie, Keaton, Hannah and Becca. The plan was brilliant. I would take the older two with me to ride the "big kid" rides. Doug would take the little girls to ride the "kiddy rides." Seems like fun huh? yeah, that's it!

It all started out pretty innocently. We rode the first ride which was way fun. The one that drops you several hundred feet, like a free fall? Loved it!!

We also went through a fun house, mild, tame even. We then went on to bigger and better things. The Avalanche, rocked you around and around in one position. I was doing well. We then got on a flipping rolling upside down throw you around kind of ride. It was fun, I had to close my eyes the entire time and just breath. I made it!!! I was ecstatic! Not even a little nauseated---------so far!

We then moved onto the Fireball. A roller coaster that just went in a circle. This one made me a little nauseated and I lost a fourth of what I ate earlier in the night. I was feeling SOOOO much better. I attempted to ride a ride called the Freak-Out. My big arse could not fit! Thank heavens! I think I would have lost it then. So, sitting out for a ride was a great idea, right? I was raring to go!!!

There is was. A fabulous ride! One of a kind. I had seen it from afar, admired it from near, planned on riding it tonight. The Kamikaze! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Here we go!

Maycie ended up sitting next to me with Keaton in the seat right in front of me. He was sitting next to a guy. I jokingly told him to say "I am not going to throw up on you!" LOL Some things are better not said. The ride started out tame enough. It started to rock back and forth. I figured out pretty early on this was not a great idea. Not my most brilliant idea ever. I closed my eyes and concentrated very hard on my breathing. I was fighting not to continue to get nauseated. Maycie, bless her little heart, was talking non-stop. I was trying to get her to be quiet. Not that we could see each other. See, the thing is this. You are in a very little seat. A big black u-shaped bar holds your shoulders and head in place. A long silver bar holds the black bar in place and your lower body. You are then held in place by a chicken wiresc cage that is locked into place around you. Needless to say, you are seriously secure. Not getting out of this one.

Anywho, Maycie kept talking. Asking how I was, commenting on the ride, etc. She then blurts out, "Mommy, I don't feel very good, I think I am going to get sick." Folks, that was all it took! I started to throw up! Not the dainty, little lady kind, the horrid stuck in a cage, rolling around at the speed of light, upside, topsy, turvy kind! And the ride had just started. Maycie is freaking out. Keaton is yelling "Mom! Gross, you threw up on me!" I am trying hard not to aspirate (choke for all you non medical type people). I had nowhere to throw up but down the front of me. Every time we went upside down, and it seemed like alot! Vomit would hit my in the head! I could feel it drop from the ceiling of the ride. Finally the ride came to a stop. Some lady came from the side and stated "did someone throw up during the ride? we saw chunks flying out of the top". Now remember I had told Keaton to tell the nice man next to him he was not going to throw up on him right? He should have just said, I won't but my mom will and her stomach is really really full right now!

I kept apologizing to the poor carnie man. I am so very sorry, so sorry. He looked at me and said, "it's ok, it happens."

I then had to walk through the carnival to my car. I did find a way to walk on the outside of the stupid thing. Poor kids, they were following me and Maycie in tears, Keaton gagging every time he looked at me. I finally told him to not look at me anymore.

My husband was not answering his cell phone, I remembered giving him my keys. I could not find him. I sent Maycie and Keaton together to go and find him. I had vomit from my head to my toes. Tons and tons and tons of it stuck to me from the force of gravity as we were hurled through the air in that darn ole ride.

Now it is time to tell you where I live. In the middle of NOWHERE!!! 45 MINUTES FROM WHERE WE WERE!!! There was no way I could drive the whole way home. I was still so sick! It was everywhere. In my sinuses, my nose, my hair, eyelids, sweater, slacks, shoes, socks ears. everywhere!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness!! That sounds horrible!! I can't wait to hear what happened!

jmholloway said...

Sounds great! I am laughing uncontrollably just from that part. So very glad that it was you and not me!

Mindi :)

Smith Family said...

I only live about five minutes from the mall, you should have called me. We have a shower and a washer and dryer. I e-mailed you, last week, did you get it?


Julie Gropp said...

That was so funny! I laughed so hard. The older you get the worse it is for roller coasters and that kinda stuff. Thanks for the comedic moment. I appreciate it.

Bennett Fam said...

that reminds me of the movie "the sandlot". have you seen that movie when the boys go to the carnival? very much the same as your experience.