Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break!

On March 7th of this year we loaded up the tired mini-van with kids and clothes and ski junk and drove out of Hilltop on the trek up to see Kyle and his family in Colorado. Here is what we looked like--or rather the back of the mini-van looked like on the way up.

This was Doug's first time up that way, so we took several pictures. We also stopped in New Mexico at mile marker 40 to look for arrowheads, something Doug was told you could find on the side of the road. We all got out, 'cept Becca who said, "I will just stay here, it's too cold!". Keaton thought he found one, but he didn't. We took the picture anyway. It was very interesting to me to have him on the trip I have taken so many times in my life. He had a different perspective than I did.

We stopped at the Continental Divide and took a picture. Maycie was all cheese for this one. The kids were getting pretty excited about the snow we saw in the background too. We stopped at a gas station in Cuba, New Mexico that had a hut looking structure across the street, so we photoed that too.

My father, love his soul, always has these shortcuts he takes. I couldn't remember the exact one so we took one of the roads that "somewhat looked familiar to me". It was a great road for about 2 or so miles, then turned to hard nasty gravel. We are going down this road, very little phone service, phone call to dad. Lo and behold, not the right road! At this point, Ethan says to me "I am feeling a little bit "The Hills Have Eyes" If you have ever seen that horror movie, I now know where they filmed it!

We finally arrived at Kyle's. We stopped at the Walmart to see Kyle before we went to his house. When we got to his house, about noon thirty, the kids piled out of the house and little Landon, while running states--"you're here, finally here!" He about knocked me over!!!

More to come...................................................


On Our List said...

Yeah!!!! You uupdated your blog!!! I am glad you are alive. I love the pictures!!! I can't believe how big Macyie and Keaton are getting. Thanks for posting!!!

Love ya,

Waco Gropp said...

What a family, what a trip, that is just neat. That new group needs to see the world. Wait until this summer.

jmholloway said...

So glad to FINALLY see pictures of your trip. Becca's hair is getting long. I love road trips. They are so fun. You really get to know each other when you are forced to be in a car together for hours on end. No matter what people say you always do some kind of bonding.

Mindi :)

Julie Gropp said...

Love the pics! Can't wait to see the ones from Chicago!