Monday, September 29, 2008


Last night I was flipping through channels on the boob tube and found the last half of my mother's favorite movie, I watched the rest of the movie and cried when I saw his hands on her lips. Y'all know what I am talking about. I couldn't help but miss my mother more and more. I wish she was here to talk to, I miss her advice. I often wonder how long it takes to get on with my life. I miss her terribly.

So, tonight was open house at the school. My children go to a very, VERY small school. Keaton's teacher from last year asked me how things were going with my mother. I bawled right in front of her and then Keaton started to cry as well. I am missing her more each day. How do you "get over it?" Any advice?


On Our List said...

I don't know if you truly can. You will always miss your mom. It sucks she can't be here with you. All I can think of is a quote from President Hinckely that he gave to Sister Maxwell at the funeral of her husband Neil A. Maxwell. President Hinckley said, "At funerals we speak words intended to give comfort. Only those who have passed through this dark valley know its utter desolation. To lose one's much-loved partner with whom one has long walked through sunshine and shadow is absolutely devastating. There is a consuming loneliness which increases in intensity. It painfully gnaws at one's very soul. But in the quiet of the night a silent whisper is heard that says, 'All is well. All is well.' And that voice from out of the unknown brings peace, and certainty, and unwavering assurance that death is no the end, that life goes on, with work to do and victories to be gained. That voice quietly, even unheard with mortal ears, brings the assurance that, as surely as there has been separation, there will be a joyful reuniting. And so with that firm assurance you will go on. There will be days of loneliness and nights of longing, but the sunlight of faith will shine again and the fires of love will warm you." I know President Hinckley is talking about losing a spouse but I think it applies to losing a mother too. President Uctdorf said last Saturday at the General Relief Society Broadcast that President Hinkley also said to lose yourself in service of others to overcome grief." I really don't know if any of this can truly help you because I don't understand what you are going through...I haven't lost my mother yet. All I can say is I love you and I am praying for you. I am here for you. I'm sorry your mom is gone. I miss her too. My hope is that over time it will get better for you. I know it will...:)

Steven & Adrienne said...

All I can say is that I am so sorry, and that I hope it does get easier for you. I know this must be hard for you because I know it is hard on me. I spoke a couple of weeks ago, and I spoke of your mom and her influence on me...and how much I looked up to her and missed her. It was the first time I really cried about the whole situation in public...So I am sorry you are having to go through this. But know that we love you and your family and we continue to pray for you guys. And that we are here for you.


jmholloway said...

You punk, I now have a cry headache. It seems almost like it isn't real and then when realization hits it is new and fresh and so utterly painful all over again. I certainly don't have the words to describe the loning I have for her. I love you Lynnae and pray that we can all be made whole again.

Mindi :)

Waco Gropp said...

Lynnae, I wish you and your sister would knock it off. Missing her is painful, physically painful I didn't think was possible. This is not much help to you two I know. Maybe time will help. I guess that's what comes from loving someone so hard.

tina said...

I don't think you ever "get over it". I would say don't fight it. If you hurt...then hurt, if you feel sad...then allow yourself to feel sad, eventually I believe you will have more joyous times remembering your mom than you will have crying. My instinct says to just embrace the "cycle" and feel raw emotion as they come. I think your Dad was right that it is a natural consequence of loving so much. I would rather experience the pain than to never have loved. (I think someone important said something similar)
Love ya

Yeargains said...

Oh sweetie,

My dad has been gone now 33 years. I was only 11. I often wonder what would have been but I know that I would not be a member of the church. D&C 122 has remained my favorite scripture to get me through all of the rough stuff. Death, Divorce, loss of jobs or disappointments are all of those things that we must go through. We can not jump over them, nor can we go under them, nor can we go around them....we must go through them. Embrace how you you,